The world is filled with interesting destinations that draw visitors in droves. There’s a wide variation in these destinations that range from tropical paradises to mountains, and they are a magnet for people from thrill seekers to sun-seekers.

But as amazing as some areas may appear, they are also extremely risky. The threat can stem from various sources, ranging from natural dangers to excessive crime levels.

Although some places aren’t necessarily the most dangerous places to go, there are some reasons to proceed with caution. Below are some of the riskiest tourist destinations in the world.

In this article, we’ve spoken about the places that should not be visited when looking for the ideal vacation spot that is safe instead of just looking pretty. For those who are thinking of taking a trip around the world, It is recommended to avoid places which have been proven to be the places you shouldn’t consider even considering a visit. We’ve highlighted several of the more risky locations here. These locations are for you if you’re ready for an intense adventure.

Death Road Road – Extremely Dangerous Road
North Yungas Road is known as the “Death Road” for all the reasons you could imagine. The road that runs up and along this 43-mile (69-kilometre) turnback can be extremely risky because of fog or landslides, as well as waterfalls and cliffs that fall 2500 meters (610 meters) at every turn. In 1994, more than 300 drivers died yearly, which is why it was nicknamed and placed in the top ten of the most hazardous places to travel in the world.

The road stretches far enough to connect the Amazon rainforest with the capital city, which is surrounded by mountains. It was not uncommon to pack into vehicles and trucks as a way to make a profit from their lumber or agricultural products in the region. The hairpin turns weren’t wide enough for each vehicle, which caused many trucks to crash with people and their families.

Death Valley, California
Death Valley is the hottest spot on earth; the temperatures in Furnace Creek have exceeded 134 degrees. Extreme temperatures have claimed the lives of many people who’ve been negligent enough to wander off the highways. If that wasn’t enough, rattlesnakes could be a danger.
However, Death Valley is still an extremely popular tourist destination due to its danger. If you find yourself within Death Valley, stay on the road and carry plenty of water to avoid heatstroke and dehydration.

Snake Island – The Deadliest Space on Earth
There’s an island 25 miles off the coast of Brazil where nobody in the local community would be able to walk. There is speculation of a fisherman to wander too close to the shores was found floating in his boat several days afterwards, dead in a blood-sucking pool. The mysterious island is referred to by Ilha da Queimada Grande, and the idea of stepping foot there is so dangerous that the Brazilian government has declared it impossible for anyone to travel to. The island’s threats come through gold lancehead snakes which are the pit viper species that is one of the most deadly snakes. It is definitely the most hazardous spot on the planet.

Kingston, Jamaica
Jamaica is a paradise in the sun and is the home of the famous Bob Marley. Jamaica is also steeped in the past as it was subject to Spanish or British colonial rule. Also, it is also the place where the Rastafarian religion.

Visitors from all across the globe flock to Jamaica’s beautiful beaches and enjoy the lively and relaxed culture. But as is the case in many tropical destinations there are some issues that make Jamaica less idyllic beneath the surface. Crime and poverty rates are very high, particularly in the capital city of the country, Kingston. Visitors are advised to stay away from the resorts.

Oymyakon is a victim of extreme Climatic Conditions.
Oymyakon is a small town situated within the Oymyakonsky district of Russia. The Oymyakon district is thought to be among the most hazardous places due to its harsh climate. The extreme temperature makes it difficult for people to survive in this region. The temperature can fall as low as -40 ° Celsius (-90 degrees Fahrenheit), making it difficult for travellers or tourists to travel safely, as few people can endure this cold.

Besides the heat, most people are not visiting this area because there are no vegetables available and there is no way to grow anything; therefore, the absence of food is a major problem. About 500 people have been able to settle in this area and endure the brutal cold.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro is one of the top tourist destinations. The beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenery make for a trip you’ll never forget. If the beauty of nature is not enough, there’s a vibrant lifestyle that attracts thousands of people.
But Brazil is a developing country with very high unemployment rates. Many people from across the world visit cities like Rio with the hopes of working. However, the majority of them fail. This results in high rates of crime. Visitors are advised to be extremely cautious.

Skeleton Coast – Harsh Climate
Skeleton Coast is located across the southern part of Angola and north of Namibia. It extends from the Kunene River (south) to the Swakop River. The skeleton coastline is included in the top ten of “the deadliest places on earth” due to its brutal climate and has a very low chance of survival. The hot, humid weather and the insufficient food and water make it hard for visitors to discover the secluded coastline.
In addition to the harsh climate and the arid terrain is brimming with the bones of a variety of species (bones of elephants, whales and seals and more. ) and gives a negative look to the area. In addition to the natural environment and human dangers (gang violence and theft), it is not suitable for visitors to visit the region. It is certainly one of the riskiest areas in the world.

Mount Washington, USA
Mount Washington attracts more adventure-seekers in British Columbia, USA. It has ski resorts, climbers, and hikers looking to be closer to nature and enjoy the amazing views.
While mountain hiking is usually dangerous, Mount Washington has a particular risk that everyone needs to be wary of strong winds. The wind speeds here can be up to 200 mph, enough to send people flying to death. Visitors should also be wary of the temperatures, which can exceed -40 degrees.

There’s a reason for that. Mount Washington is reputed to be the most dangerous tiny mountain. It is the highest point in the northeastern United States and is prone to extreme weather patterns throughout the year.
Even though the mountain is an inch above 6000 feet and has a high temperature, it experiences severe variations and strong winds that cause the dips to become more severe.

Most accidents on Mount Washington include hypothermia episodes and issues with visibility.

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